6 Reasons I Like Working in the Bullitt Center, Seattle’s Living Building

Hammer & Hand Seattle employee shares highlights of working in the Bullitt Center.

Now that we’ve completed our series of Bullitt Center tour posts about the systems of the Living Building (start at the first post) I thought I would share a few of the things I personally love about working in the Bullitt Center.

Seattle Home Builder Shares Bullitt Center Photo

Photos by Jeffrey Tan

1. Natural Light

Most office buildings suffer from the same ugly and often headache-inducing fluorescent lighting. I’ve even been known to unscrew the lights above my desk to escape it! The Bullitt Center is designed to use natural daylight as the primary source of light, which has a huge impact on the day-to-day experience of working. What can I say? Working in natural daylight just feels better.

2. Views Everywhere You Look

While most buildings only have a few coveted offices with views, the Bullitt Center is designed so no matter where you sit in the building you have an unobstructed view of a window. This is a big improvement over office buildings where the majority of employees are boxed in by beige cubicle walls. Having a view, whether it’s just of bustling Madison St. or the lovely McGilvra Place Park, makes the space feel open and relaxing.

Seattle Green Builder Shares Photo of McGilvra Park McGilvra Park will be great spot to eat lunch once the weather improves.

3. Beautiful Design

Not many can claim that they spend their 9-5 (or in our case, 7:30-4:00) hours in a work of art. Exposed wood, glossy concrete, high ceilings, and “the irresistible” stairwell you really don’t mind walking up all add to the beauty of the building. Lots of windows and glass dividers keep the building feeling open and airy.

4. Location, Location, Location

Being located on E Madison St. and 15th has quite a few perks. For me, it’s an easy commute from my Capitol Hill apartment to work in the morning. It’s on, or very near, quite a few bus lines for easy transportation around town, has a close proximity to downtown, and is near a variety of delicious lunch spots. High Five Pie is just down the street, for example, and they open at 7:00 am. You don’t get much better than coffee and pie for breakfast. Trader Joe’s is just up Madison St. and makes a convenient option for grabbing a quick lunch or groceries after work.

5. Community

There is a great sense of community among the variety of businesses and organizations living underneath the solar array roof of the Bullitt Center. Each business may being doing different things, but everyone is united by similar green living principles. Happy hours and get-togethers happen semi-regularly in the co-work space (which H&H inhabited while our current office was being worked on) in Suite 400 and collaborations often occur between the other organizations in the building. We’ve particularly enjoyed making deeper connections with our immediate neighbors, the Integrated Design Lab and the International Living Futures Institute.

6. Being Part of Something Big

Not everyone can say they work in the “greenest commercial building in the world.” Being one of the Bullitt Center’s first tenants has allowed us front row seats to this grand Living Building experiment. We’ll have the opportunity to watch the building’s energy and water production and use in real-time while contributing to the experiment through our own use of the building. For a company with a background in green building, high performance, and Passive House, having the chance to experience and learn about the Bullitt Center’s progress is very inspiring.

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