Meet Site Supervisor Carrie

Carpenter and Site Lead Carrie has been with Hammer & Hand for three and a half years now. An artist and tinkerer, Carrie has always enjoyed building things, including making clothes and handbags for over two decades.

Born in Pismo Beach, California, Carrie grew up in Ventura and San Luis Obispo, always within a walk of the beach. She also spent several years in the Sonoran desert. This relaxed childhood contributed to her bohemian lifestyle and love of the outdoors. Having spent enough time on beaches however, Carrie is now more likely to be found snowboarding down a mountain.  She is a huge fan of music, specifically vinyls, and even owned multiple record stores in Southern California for over 15 years. But eventually she started her favorite job: being a mom to two wonderful boys!

Carrie also has a Pit Bull named Butkus. This gentle giant, lovingly referred to as “Chuck,” has done a lot to change the perception of Pit Bulls in their neighborhood. Despite some wariness on the part of neighbors, Carrie had grown up with Pit Bulls and knew they didn’t deserve the negative stereotypes people often associate with them. She’s happy to say now that the vibes have changed and Chuck (aka. her “big, fat slab of ham”) has won over the neighborhood!

After ten years as a homemaker, Carrie decided to go through a pre-apprenticeship program at Oregon Tradeswomen (one of Hammer & Hand’s favorite community partners). Though she has worked for several other contractors since then, she knew she wanted to work with Hammer & Hand from day one. She credits this to our reputation for quality work and a friendly workplace culture. To all aspiring builders, Carrie’s advice is: “Bring your courage and work ethic!” Carrie definitely brought both, allowing her to not only grow and succeed at Hammer & Hand, but to become a well-respected member of the team and someone beloved by her coworkers.

Listening recommendations: S-Town podcast

Viewing recommendations: Yellowstone

Fun fact: Carrie just celebrated her 50th birthday and feels happier, healthier, and more accomplished than ever!

Carrie recently finished work on a really stunning condo remodel in South  Portland and is now working on another condo and a house in Southwest. She particularly enjoys working on old houses.

You can follow Carrie and her adventures on Instagram @cactusblossom

Hammer & Hand is currently hiring for a variety of positions in both Portland and Seattle. We are always looking for the best talent to join our team. Check out our Careers page for more information.

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