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We’re  home builders, commercial contractors, and remodeling general contractors dedicated to better building through service, craft, and science.


Seattle General Contractors Who Believe in Better Building Through Service, Craft, and Science


Hammer & Hand has offices in Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon. We are home builders and remodeling general contractors dedicated to providing our clients with the best builds in the industry.

Our Seattle contractors have been providing … 

  • Residential and commercial custom builds and remodels 
  • Historic renovations and remodels
  • Custom doors and windows

… since 1995. 

Whether you’re planning a classic kitchen or bath remodel, a green high-performance home, or commercial construction TI with difficult technical finishes, our team of general contractors in Seattle can make your vision a reality.


Services Our Seattle Contractors at Hammer & Hand Offer



Commercial Construction

We collaborate with our commercial clients and the architects they’ve hired to create exceptional properties. 

Our commercial construction projects include: 

  • Office TIs
  • Retail build-outs
  • Restaurants 
  • And more 

Our Seattle contractors understand the vitality of design-driven construction and are here to make our clients’ vision a reality. 


Residential Construction

Looking for residential contractors in Seattle? Look no further. 

Our Seattle contractors have been helping homeowners build, add on, remodel, and renovate their historic homes for over 25 years. No two homes we build are alike — each is uniquely crafted by talented architects and built from the ground up by our professionals.

Click here to learn more about our residential construction services in the Seattle area.


High-Performance Buildings

High-performance building is something we pride ourselves on. Not only does it make our carbon footprint smaller, but it makes buildings more… 

  • Durable
  • Functional
  • Healthy; and
  • Comfortable

Our Seattle contractors are experts in high-performance building, giving us the upper hand in creating homes and businesses that are better for the environment and better for your heating and cooling bills.

We’ve quite literally written the book on high-performance building with our open-source Best Practices Manual being used as a model for building across the nation!


Custom Woodwork

You have a vision of a beautifully crafted, highly intricate front door — you’ve dreamed about it for years — and you’re searching for someone to bring your dream to life.

Our Seattle general contractors consist of craftspeople who have created custom …  

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Built-ins
  • And more 

… for homes all across the continent. 

Whether you’re looking for an elegantly crafted piece or ready to remodel your home and want a more modern feel — we can help.


Commonly Asked Questions


What Areas Do You Serve?

Hammer & Hand general contractors serve the Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA, areas, including NW Oregon and the I-5 corridor through Everett.


Can You Help Me Determine if My Home Is Worth Remodeling?

We love helping potential clients determine whether a remodel is worth the investment. This process starts with one of our project managers visiting your home for an assessment. From there, we’ll prepare a report that includes:

  • The property’s potential
  • Order of magnitude; and
  • Cost estimates

The service costs between $250 – $500 for the first home assessed by Hammer & Hand, depending on the location of the project and the scope. This fee is credited back to you if you decide to complete your remodeling project with us.

Contact us today for more information on our home assessments and the steps to complete a remodeling project with Hammer & Hand.


I Haven’t Hired a Designer or Architect — Can You Help?

Yes! We would be pleased to guide you through your project from start to finish, including helping you select the ideal architect for your project.

We partner with a diverse group of architects with different personalities, aesthetics, schedules, and more. Let us help you find the right fit. 


What Can I Expect to Pay For a Remodel?

The cost of a remodel varies significantly by the scope of the project. Factors that affect the cost of a remodel include: 

  • Size of the room(s)/building
  • The type of project
  • Structural and engineering requirements
  • Finish choices; and
  • Additional extras



    “I would recommend Hammer & Hand without hesitation.”

    – Sura | Portland

    “We love our ‘new’ home and are extremely happy with the high quality workmanship.”

    – Jay | Portland

    “From the beginning we knew we were working with great people.”

    – Jonah | Portland

    “I’m so happy with all the work you did with the Doug Fir. It’s like artwork to look at.”

    – Dan | Seattle

    “You were so responsive throughout the process, and were reliable and thorough. The end result is beautiful.”

    – Marilyn | Portland

    “It’s wonderful to have Hammer & Hand’s stamp on the house!”

    – Janina | Portland

    “I am so pleased with every aspect of working with H&H.”

    – Janina | Portland

    “The quality of the workmanship is outstanding.”

    – Kim | Portland

    “The Hammer & Hand team was easy to communicate with and they stayed in touch with us during the construction project. We highly recommend them.”

    – Kim | Portland

    “I can’t thank you enough for getting our project done right and so quickly!”

    – Kris | Portland

    “We love our new bathroom and know our little one will, too.”

    – Linh | Portland

    “My husband and I are delighted with our new table. It is beautiful, as promised and perfect in every way.”

    – Sylvia | Woodshop

    “We are extremely pleased with the work H&H has done.”

    – Jon | Portland

    “Oh my gosh… the house is so warm!!  We keep turning the heat down, isn’t that cool!”

    – Terri | Portland

    “We have the most beautiful basement in all of Portland (and beyond!) thanks to all of you.”

    – Gail & Jim | Portland

    “Everyone on the job has been so professional, responsible, respectful of the house and garden and friendly.“

    – Terri & Potey | Portland

    “We’re really glad we went with Hammer & Hand. We really love our new kitchen.”

    – Will & Michael | Portland

    “We are very happy with our new storefront. Your team was remarkable – professional, timely, and great to have here in the office.”

    – Steve, Newspace Center for Photography | Portland

    “We continue to refer H&H with pride and confidence.”

    – Monica | Portland

    “At every turn, your guys brought it.”

    – Michael, Kelly & P-Man | Portland

    “This new space, way of living in a home, and expression of craftsmanship and design make us proud.”

    – Michael, Kelly & P-Man | Portland

    “When the last finish is finished and the last nail is hammered I will know that our home was built with great talent and a lot of heart.”

    – Margi | Portland

    “H&H employees are creative & smart, their project managers approachable & resourceful, and their work careful & precise.”

    – LD | Portland

    “You are rock stars! I love my new stuff. Sometimes I just sit and stare at it because it’s so gorgeous.”

    – Julie | Portland

    “They matched the style perfectly, down to every piece of molding.”

    – Jeanne | Portland

    “You helped us through our remodel with love…a testament to your professionalism and quality of work.”

    – Frank & Peggy | Portland

    “Your employees are the best, professional, courteous and willing to go beyond the call of duty.”

    – Frank | Portland

    “H&H are true craftspeople who take pride in their work, and it shows in the finished product.”

    – Debbie | Portland

    “We would highly recommend them to any homeowner contemplating a major remodeling project.”

    – Dave & Sharon | Portland

    “You have not only built our dream home, but also made the experience a pleasure.”

    – Art, Jackie & Crystal | Portland