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We Create Happy Clients By Creating Happy Employees.

When talented employees are treated well and empowered to do good work, great things happen. Carpenters build beautiful, durable jobs that delight clients. Managers guide projects with care and transparency. So we serve our clients by serving our employees. Our people enjoy benefits that give them and their families the security they need to thrive personally and professionally.

We’re Dedicated to Flawless Execution of Exacting Design.

The men and women of Hammer & Hand are drawn to construction as a tradition of craft, and honored to be part of its evolution.  Whether creating mortise and tenon joinery or high performance wall assemblies, our carpenters’ zeal for precision allows the shared vision of client and architect to be fully realized and built with integrity.

We Harness 21st Century Building Science to Build to Last.

20th century hunches and rules of thumb no longer cut it.  Hammer & Hand’s systems- and physics-based understanding of how buildings function has transformed the way we build and the building performance we can achieve.  And the same techniques that enable us to build and remodel über-efficient Passive House buildings can be applied to any project, making your home or commercial building comfortable, healthy and durable.

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Ballard Passive House Rainscreen Detail | Ballard Video #007

Ballard Passive …


Ballard Passive House Rainscreen Detail

Seattle high performance home builder Hammer & Hand project lead Dan Whitmore explains the rainscreen detail at the Ballard Passive House in Seattle, WA.


    “We’re really glad we went with Hammer & Hand. We love our new kitchen.”

    – Will & Michael

    “Every single H&H person was friendly, professional and extremely skilled.”

    – Susan

    “We are very happy with our new storefront. Your team was remarkable – professional, timely, and great to have here in the office.”

    – Steve, Newspace Center for Photography

    “H&H is the reason our house gets a little more awesome every year.”

    – Servo

    “These guys are just the best! Their craftsmanship, attention to detail and work ethic is outstanding.”

    – sadiepdx

    “The best contractors in Portland! We worked with H&H on a whole-home remodel and couldn’t be happier.”

    – Obriens PDX

    “We continue to refer H&H with pride and confidence.”

    – Monica

    “I could not have had this caliber of workmanship on such a tight budget if it were not for H&H.”

    – modernportland

    “At every turn, your guys brought it.”

    – Michael, Kelly and P-Man

    “This new space, way of living in a home, and expression of craftsmanship and design make us proud.”

    – Michael, Kelly and P-Man

    “When the last finish is finished and the last nail is hammered I will know that our home was built with great talent and a lot of heart.”

    – Margi

    “H&H employees are creative & smart, their project managers approachable & resourceful, and their work careful & precise.”

    – LD

    “You are rock stars! I love my new stuff, sometimes I just sit and stare at it because it’s so gorgeous.”

    – Julie

    “They matched the style perfectly, down to every piece of molding.”

    – Jeanne

    “Much to our surprise, we actually enjoyed our remodeling experience!”

    – Ian

    “You helped us through our remodel with love…a testament to your professionalism and quality of work.”

    – Frank & Peggy

    “Your employees are the best, professional, courteous and willing to go beyond the call of duty.”

    – Frank

    “It’s a joy to work with H&H. They know how to get everything done right!”

    – Diane

    “H&H are true craftspeople who take pride in their work, and it shows in the finished product.”

    – Debbie

    “We would highly recommend them to any homeowner contemplating a major remodeling project.”

    – Dave and Sharon

    “Smart, articulate, creative and super organized. The best.”

    – Charlotte

    “I would recommend them over and over again.”

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    “You have not only built our dream home, but also made the experience a pleasure.”

    – Art, Jackie & Crystal

    “The craftsmanship exceeded my expectations and actually delivered slightly below budget, which amazed me.”

    – Benttail

    “The entire experience, from first meeting with Sam to paying the last bill, was a complete pleasure.”

    – 925 campclub