Wall Decorating Ideas from the Pros

Five creative wall decorating ideas from professionally designed spaces.

5 Pro-Approved Wall Decorating Ideas

Here at Hammer & Hand we are so lucky to work with a variety of talented and creative interior designers, architects, and design-savvy homeowners who know how to make spaces look stunning. We are continually impressed with the unique ways these professionals design and decorate spaces. Ready to get inspired? Check out these five creative wall decorating ideas from the pros:

#1: Mirror Gallery Wall

There are many different ways to create a gallery wall, but this one just might be my favorite. The owner of the home worked with Ariel Arrow to design a monochromatic mirror gallery wall that adds interest to an otherwise neutral space. The frames are painted white to give this collection of assorted mirrors a uniform look. This trick keeps the gallery wall looking cohesive rather than chaotic.

Wall Decorating Ideas Mirror Gallery Wall


#2: Living Walls

Living walls (also known as vertical gardens) are often seen in retail spaces, like this one designed by Scott Fredrickson of Enviroscapes NW at this Portland Danner store. These beautiful and impressive installations also create a healthier environment by naturally purifying the air.

Wall Decorating Ideas Living Wall


#3: Art Gallery Wall

This small bathroom, part of a larger kitchen and bathroom remodel designed by Kevin Fischer of Alice Designs and Charlotte Cooney of Domestic Arts, is given big personality with a collection of artwork. The variety of art adds charm to the room while the red and gold frames echo the red and gold bathroom tiles.

Bathroom Design with Picture Gallery Wall


#4: Bold & Beautiful Patterned Wallpaper

Not an art lover? Wallpaper is a tried-and-true way to add color and pattern to blank walls. In this Irvington house remodel designed by Emerick Architects, a black and white paisley pattern gives a dining room with a simple neutral color scheme some interest and movement. White ceilings and a wide white trim keep the room feeling balanced.

Living Room with Black and White Paisley Wallpaper


#5: Tile Mosaic

This striking bathroom in a floating home designed by Kevin Fischer of Alice Designs and Charlotte Cooney of Domestic Arts has a black and white “Beau Monde Raku Flower” tile mosaic by Ann Sacks running vertically to the ceiling. The tile mosaic is the focal point of this elegant white bathroom, drawing attention to the most important feature of the space: the bathtub.


Wall Decorating Ideas Bathroom Wall Tile Mosaic 

The next time you’re considering giving your walls a fresh look try foregoing a new paint job for one of these eye-catching wall decorating ideas.


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