Kitchen remodeling process captured in client blog

Owners of the Shaker Modern kitchen document the remodel from demolition to completion.

In a series of pithy posts, the clients of the Shaker Modern kitchen (designed by Kevin Fischer of Alice Design and Charlotte Cooney of Domestic Arts) chronicle the creative destruction and rebirth that Hammer & Hand orchestrated in their NE Portland home earlier this year.

In posts like “Destruction goes fast,” “Out with the wall, in with the steel beam,” and “The bleachers,” the homeowners share their observations of the remodeling process accompanied by annotated photography.  (Sample of captions of demolition photos: “before,” “after,” “…really after.”)

For best effect, scroll down to the bottom of the blog roll to the first post and work your way up.  And when you’re done, there’s more in this project photo gallery, shot by bright designlab.

– Zack




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