Hammer & Hand’s Sam Hagerman presents at 2012 ACI National Home Performance Conference

Sam shares our triple-bottom-line story, Skylar captures video of high performance building components on tradeshow floor.

Building science is on the brain these days at Hammer & Hand – what with our Passive House projects – so it was fitting that our co-founder Sam Hagerman was invited to speak at the 2012 ACI Home Performance Conference in Baltimore earlier this spring.

Sam’s presentation, “A Powerful Arsenal: Green Building Science and Resilience,” shared Hammer & Hand’s story about how building science has enabled the company to thrive by embracing the triple-bottom-line of people, planet and profit, even in the midst of recession.  View Sam’s slideshow here:

Meanwhile, Skylar Swinford, our resident building science whiz, was busy touring the tradeshow floor with Passive House Institute US director Katrin Klinberberg, seeking out vendors of cool new Passive House-friendly building products and systems.  Skylar captured the tour on tape, and he and H&H’s Jeff Tan created several video segments for publication on the Passive House Alliance US website.

Below are three of those videos – ready to geek out?  Some cool gizmos…

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And if you’re still on a roll, check out this email string posted on Seville Consulting about the adaptation of ASHRAE 62.2 to Weatherization (something, H&H has already been doing):




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