"Gen Y Flats": Accessory Dwelling Units aren’t just for Granny

Recent research shows that twenty-somethings want to live in walkable, urban neighborhoods, and that the preference may be lasting.

We’ve talked a lot here about Accessory Dwelling Units and their many benefits: affordability, sustainability, connection to traditional and vibrant neighborhoods, and (last but not least) their support of intergenerational living.  There’s a reason ADUs are known as “Granny Flats”.

But maybe ADUs should also be called “Gen Y Flats”.  Mounting evidence demonstrates that Generation Y (folks born between 1980 and the early 200s) has an abiding attraction to smaller urban housing over cookie-cutter homes in the ‘burbs.  See today’s Treehugger blog post about this topic.

And given that the “new normal” is twenty-somethings living at home with the folks, the intergenerational living that an ADU facilitates can just as easily mean Junior in the flat as it can Granny.

Ultimately, then, the nascent boom in Portland ADUs is good for our city and its economic and cultural development.  As our friend and realtor Kama Dersham said, “it’s the people that make Portland interesting – young entrepreneurs who bring business to the city and life to the sidewalks.  ADUs are hip and affordable for these folks and will help keep Portland vibrant and viable.”



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