A bathroom remodel retrospective: notable Portland projects

Portland bathroom remodels present opportunities for both traditional and modern design approaches.

Having recently posted a look back at select Hammer & Hand kitchen remodel projects, I thought I’d also gather cool bathroom remodel projects here in one blog post, too.  Because our remodel work in Portland is so diverse – from Victorian restorations to high concept modern design, and from full-on estates to compact homes to lofts to tiny houses – our bathroom remodels vary widely in style, size and finish details.  Have a look!

Bathroom remodel projects featured by our Field Notes blog:

Bathroom remodel space-saving trickCool bathroom remodel trick. 
I just posted this trick in a Field Notes post a couple days ago.  The bathroom, as the (usually) smallest room in the house, can be a prime spot for spatial transformation. How can you maximize space through clever design?  Well, one way is with a hidden shower.  Check this one out.

Bathroom remodel featuring salvaged bathtub and sinkTwin studios remodeled bathrooms.
This project, designed by Departure Design, is cool on many fronts.  Featured by the City’s 2010 Build It Green! Home Tour, the duplex conversion is a showcase of affordable sustainability.  The handsome bathroom remodel on the top floor boasts a salvaged bathtub and sink.

Addition remodel with bathroom mixing classic and contemporary aestheticsTabor addition: a Portland craftsman remodel.
This bathroom on the second floor of an addition remodel seamlessly blends classic floor finishes and an old-school vanity with contemporary touches like a wall-mounted toilet and an “apple martini” counter top.  Our goal: “stay true to the house” while upcycling the home to 21st century life.

Bathroom portfolios:

Image gallery including modern bathroom remodelVancouver Ranch.
This modernist project designed by Scott Edwards Architecture features a bathroom remodel with a stunning inside/outside connection.


Bathroom remodel mixing traditional and modernHillside House.
This whole house remodel boasts a bathroom remodel that fuses modern cabinetry and fixtures with traditional gestures.  The classic window treatment frames an incredible hilltop view enjoyed from the modern tub.


Modern renovation, including breathtaking bathroom remodelFairmont House.
This super cool modern bathroom remodel was designed by Skylab Architecture and features clean rectilinear lines, playful use of white stone, and a commanding view of the surrounding landscape.


Whole house remodel featuring a traditional bathroom remodel and a modern bathroom remodelClinton Remodel.
This whole house transformation of a modest bungalow in Southeast Portland included two bathroom projects, a more traditionally-detailed bathroom remodel, and a more modern new bathroom.


New project featuring a bathroom with translucent shower wall.Musician’s Dwelling.
Unlike all the other bathroom links in this post, this is one is for a new house.  This bathroom is notable for its translucent wall that provides basic privacy while allowing natural light to flood into the shower and bathroom environs.  Reclaimed barnwood flooring finishes the space.

Image gallery of project featuring a mid-century modern approach to bathroom remodelRichmond Remodel.
This remodel addition’s bathroom employs a hip mid-century modern aesthetic.



Marble bathroom remodelWest Hills Contemporary.
Marble! Lots and lots of pretty marble.


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