Report from the field: breaking ground at Yamhill Vineyard Residence

Hammer & Hand CEO Daniel Thomas and Project Wrangler M.A.C. Casares visited the stunning site recently with architect and client.

We’re happy to report to be working with Ken Dyreson of Scott Edwards Architecture on a gorgeous vineyard residence in Yamhill County, sited on a hilltop amidst 340-acres of contiguous property.  The winemaker client, with an eye to future generations (kids, grandkids, their kids, and so on), is passionate about creating a building that will last 200 years and more.  We, too, have a passion for building to last – indeed, this zeal underpins our company’s greater environmental ethos.  To build to last is the most fundamental definition of sustainability, after all.

Check out these elevation renderings by Scott Edwards Architecture…

Daniel and M.A.C. met with Ken and the client a week ago to refine the siting of the project.  The team had worked together in the office a while back, using a topographical survey of the site to rough-in location and orientation of the building.  That rough-in was then staked on-site in preparation for the refinement session.

Upon close examination of the site and its specific surroundings, client, designer and builder chose to rotate the building by a few degrees to maximize views and minimize the impact of excavation on the land.  (Photos by Daniel)

These pictures show views east and northwest, respectively.

These images show the property’s existing farmhouse and outbuildings, as well as newly-planted grape vines that abut the building site.

Here’s our truck, and excavation equipment awaiting the go-ahead.

Stay tuned for more.

“We’ll keep you posted as construction progresses,” M.A.C. said.  “I have a good feeling about this project.  Some really exciting things are going to go on there.”


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