5 Creative Solutions for Small Bathrooms

Creative solutions for small bathrooms illustrated by past H&H bathroom remodels.

Small bathrooms can be tricky to navigate. A lot of function needs to fit into a small space without giving up attractive design. If you’re stuck on how to improve your small bathroom, consider these five creative solutions when planning your next bathroom remodel:

#1: Get Creative with Storage Solutions

This guest bathroom in a Portland loft remodel isn’t exactly small, but every inch is still being used effectively. Shelves placed behind the door make use of otherwise blank wall space and add an interesting design element to the bathroom as well. Try scouring your small bathroom for unused space that can be better used.

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas from Home Builder Hammer & Hand

#2: Update Your Toilet

The Caroma toilet in this tiny bathroom remodel has an integrated sink which saves space and water. Clean water runs through the faucet and is then used in the toilet bowl post-hand washing.

Small Bathroom

#3: Choose a Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks work well in small bathrooms because they don’t take up much visual space. The designer of this small bathroom, part of a larger basement remodel in Seattle, paired a pedestal sink with white subway tile and trim to keep the small space feeling bright and clean.

Small Bathroom Ideas Pedestal Sink

#4: Add a Sliding Pocket Door

Every inch counts when you’re dealing with a small bathroom. Get back some space by taking out existing swing doors and replacing them with space-saving sliding pocket doors. H&H installed a pocket door in this Seattle condo remodel project to add more space to a small master suite.

Sliding Pocket Door

#5: Get Really Creative

The best ideas often result from thinking outside of the box. We transformed our own Portland office’s bathroom by making the entire space a wet room and cleverly placing drains and fixtures to be out of the way. A glass door opens to protect the rest of the bathroom from spray and then shuts to give the bathroom extra space when the shower isn’t in use. Read more about this cool bathroom trick.

Small Bathroom Trick: Hidden Shower

I hope these creative solutions for small bathrooms were helpful. If you’re ready to transform your small bathroom into something more functional and beautiful, check out our bathroom remodeling page.

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