• Certified green home building by Hammer & Hand

Expert in 9 green building certifications

As green home builders we specialize in the full range of sustainable construction certification programs, from those focused on energy performance:

Passive House
DOE Zero Energy Ready Home

To those with a broader sustainability focus:

Living Building Challenge
Built Green
Earth Advantage

Karuna House is one example of our certified green building expertise. The first building in the world to achieve the triple crown of Passive House, LEED, and Minergie certifications, the net positive energy home is also certified Earth Advantage Platinum and DOE Zero Energy Ready.

Our green building leadership has earned Hammer & Hand the 2016 PHIUS Passive House Projects Honorable Mention, the 2015 Housing Innovation Award from US Department of Energy, and the 2014 Green Home Builder: Custom Builder of the Year Award from Earth Advantage.

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