• Net Zero Energy by Hammer & Hand

Legacy buildings that are part of the climate solution.

Our high performance building expertise enables Hammer & Hand to deliver homes of quality-assured energy efficiency, durability, comfort, and health.

We employ the Passive House approach as the most effective path to zero energy building. By emphasizing energy conservation first through a high performance building envelope, we push heating and cooling demand down by 90%. A relatively modest investment in onsite alternative energy generation, like photovoltaic panels, can transform your building from an energy consumer to an energy producer: a net positive energy building.

Rigorously tested by third-party verifiers, our PHIUS+ certified Passive House residential projects are also recognized as DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes by the Department of Energy. This stamp of quality not only testifies to these homes’ energy performance, but also to the health, comfort, and building quality that they bring – the highest available today.

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See this US Department of Energy evaluation showing how Zero Energy Ready and PHIUS+ Passive House homes far exceed the performance of ENERGY STAR and conventional homes in all categories:

DOE Zero Energy Ready Home