Home Styles of the Pacific Northwest Illustrated Through 7 Remodels & New Homes by H&H

These new homes & remodeling projects offer a look at 7 of the most popular home styles in the Pacific Northwest. Looking to remodel or build your own home in Seattle or Portland? We can help! Tell us about your project here.

Most architectural styles can be found in neighborhoods across the United States, but each region tends to lean towards a few specific styles. Will you be able to find a Pueblo Revival style home in the Pacific Northwest? Probably, but it’s definitely not the norm like it is in the southwest. Regional factors like weather, history, and natural landscape have a big impact on the architecture common to each part of the country. Take a look at some of the most popular Pacific Northwest home styles illustrated through seven H&H remodels and new homes:

Pacific Northwest Home Style #1: Colonial Revival

Pacific Northwest Architecture Colonial Revival House Style

Colonial architecture is often recognized by the trademark columns framing the front door of the house, shuttered windows, and classical detailing. This Colonial Revival Portland home is a perfect example. Columns frame the front door and the facade is almost perfectly symmetrical for a very stately look.  Remodel designed by architect Celeste Lewis and designers Jennifer Leonard and Liz Murray.

Pacific Northwest Home Style #2: Craftsman

Pacific Northwest Architecture Craftsman Style House

This Portland Craftsman home was once a little bungalow, but a Hammer & Hand remodel transformed it into a larger Craftsman Style home. Craftsman homes like this one often feature gable roofs, decorative brackets under eaves, natural materials and finishes, and handcrafted workmanship. Remodel designed by Emerick Architects.

Pacific Northwest Home Style #2: Tudor Revival

Pacific Northwest Architecture Tudor Style Home

My personal favorite, Tudor Style homes have almost a fairytale quality to them with their steep-pitched roofs and arched entryways. This style is also known for narrow windows grouped together and a stucco facade. Though this style originated in England, many homes in the Pacific Northwest, including this adorable Portland home, have this romantic Tudor Revival style architecture. This home is a great example of Tudor Revival design, but it is missing the half-timbers often found set into the stucco facade of Tudor Revival homes. Remodel by Kevin Fischer of Alice Designs and Charlotte Cooney of Domestic Arts.

Pacific Northwest Home Style #4: Rustic Cabin/Pacific Lodge

Pacific Northwest Rustic Home Style

This rustic cabin located near Rhododendron, Oregon is an updated example of classic Pacific Northwest rustic style. With miles of beautiful forest and a myriad of outdoor activities to choose from, the Pacific Northwest is an optimal place for rustic cabin retreats. Built primarily of reclaimed and salvaged wood, this cabin has large common rooms and a stone fireplace common to traditional lodge design. Designed by Giulietti Schouten Architects.

Pacific Northwest Home Style #5: Houseboat (also known as Floating Home)

Seattle House Boat

Ever since Sleepless in Seattle, houseboats have been synonymous with the city of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest in general. In fact, the above houseboat floats in Portland, not Seattle. Houseboats, or “floating homes,” are a lot more house than they are boat. Houseboats are moored and are often found floating adjacent to a pier rather than floating down a river untethered. While these alternative forms of housing may seem small, they often hold compelling interior design and architecture that makes the most of the space. Remodel by Kevin Fischer of Alice Design and Charlotte Cooney of Domestic Arts.

Pacific Northwest Home Style # 6: Modern

Modern Style Home Pacific Northwest

While Modern Style homes offer tremendous flexibility in architectural design, most show common design elements: open floor plans, clean lines, and minimal to complete lack of ornamentation. Recent Modern Style homes lean towards an industrial feel with use of natural, unaltered materials. This Portland home is a good example of Modern Style architecture: it features a clean exterior design and an open interior layout complete with natural bamboo floors and maple cabinets. Designed by COOP 15.

Pacific Northwest Home Style #7: NW Modern

NW Modern Style House

During the modernist movement a regionally-specific style referred to as “NW Modern” began to gain popularity in the Pacific Northwest. This style uses similar lines and designs of modern style but with a few Pacific Northwest twists. This NW Modern style home proudly features one of these twists: a roof with an extended overhang to create a protected outdoor space year-round (a must in an area known for rain!). Many NW Modern homes feature Japanese design aesthetics and an incorporation of the natural NW landscape. Designed by Scott | Edwards Architecture.

I love all of these different Pacific Northwest home styles, but like I said, Tudor Revival is definitely my favorite. Which Pacific Northwest style do you like best?




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