Retro Kitchen Remodel: Frequently Asked Questions

The Retro Kitchen & Bath Remodel project we completed a few years ago with Kevin Fischer of Alice Designs and Charlotte Cooney of Domestic Arts has garnered quite a lot of attention since we published photos of the remodel online. To help answer a few of the questions we receive regularly on this project we put together this helpful frequently asked questions post. We hope this helps address any questions you might have on this kitchen remodeling project. (Learn more about kitchen remodeling by Hammer & Hand here.)

Retro Kitchen Floor Tiles | Hammer & Hand

Q: What kind of flooring is that?

The flooring is made up of vinyl composition tiles from Armstrong in Maraschino and Buttercream Yellow. You can find the tile here.

Retro Kitchen Countertop | Hammer & Hand

Q: What kind of countertop is that?

The countertop is Pionite WY031 Formal Mahogany with a smooth metal edge. The other countertop (left) is maple butcher block treated with a food grade finish.

Q: What kind of pulls and knobs are used and where can I get them?

The drawer hardware is from Rejuvenation. As of July 2014 you can find the knob here. The pull seems to no longer be available from Rejuvenation.

Retro Kitchen Oven Fan | Hammer & Hand

Q: How does the stove fan work and where can I get one?

The fan is an inline fan inside the wall that vents to the exterior with a custom metal decorative grill. The metal grill was custom-designed for the clients by Charolotte Cooney of Domestic Arts.

Retro Kitchen Oven and Stove | Hammer & Hand

Q: What kind of stove is that and where can I get one?

It’s a refurbished 1950 Wedgewood gas stove. The homeowners found this vintage piece, so we can’t help you with locating one like it, sorry!

Retro Kitchen Lighting | Hammer & Hand

Q: Where can I get the lighting?

The surface-mounted light fixtures are from Schoolhouse Electric, but the shades are vintage finds from the homeowners.

Retro Kitchen Backsplash Tile | Hammer & Hand

Q: What is the backsplash tile?

The 3×3 backsplash tile is Daltile D317.

Retro Bathroom Sink and Faucet | Hammer & Hand

Q: What kind of sink and faucet is used in the powder room?

The sink is AR035 in white from the Whitehaus China Collection. The faucet is Sign of the Crab P0587C in chrome.

Retro Kitchen Sink Faucet | Hammer & Hand

Q: What kind of kitchen sink and faucet are these?

The kitchen sink is a Kohler Anthem Cast Iron Sink – Self Rimming k5840-1 in white. The faucets are 540-LDL9CP pol chrome from Chicago Faucet.

We’ve done our best to answer the questions we’ve received on this project, but we don’t have all the information on many of the specific design details. You can learn more about this retro kitchen remodel by reading this blog post or visiting the portfolio.

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One Response to “Retro Kitchen Remodel: Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Shauna Quigley on

    Love this kitchen…on the same lines I want for my kitchen although my color pop will be jadelite green.
    Question I have is what is the depth of the cupboards. I want to be able to hide my microwave as well.