NW Renovation magazine features article: “ADUs – Can Granny Flats Save the World?”

Our article describes the homeowner and community benefits of ADUs, alongside a Q&A with realtor David Todd.

The December/January 2010-11 issue of NW Renovation magazine features our article, “Accessory Dwelling Units – Can Granny Flats Save the World?” as well as a nice Q&A piece about ADUs and the market with our friend and green realtor David Todd.  In the article we lay out the multiple benefits to homeowners and the community that ADUs present:

  • Benefit #1: Flexible Living
  • Benefit #2: Affordable and Easy to Develop
  • Benefit #3: Small Footprint
  • Benefit #4: Embedded in Vibrant Neighborhoods
  • Benefit #5: Positive Cash Flow

The article also features nice photos of a pair of ADU projects designed by our frequent collaborators at Departure Design.

The article is available online at NW Renovation’s website, or you can download and view it in pdf form here.  (Or you can find the latest print issue at one of the locale’s listed below.)


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