Modern Concealed Entertainment Center

A smaller project doesn’t always equate to it being easier. Designed by architect David Moulton, who is himself an experienced craftsman, this project’s elegantly simple appearance hides a complex and challenging design.

The room’s gas fireplace centerpiece holds a secret… Above, and tucked away behind a wooden panel, is a cleverly concealed entertainment center. The smart design transforms the living room from the typical television-centric layout, to a space centered around an inviting fireplace. A television that is powered on while guests are present can be bright and distracting, yet a television without power becomes a cumbersome block intruding into the home. Moulton eschews the typical design and avoids the dilemma altogether. However, a very precise and well-executed build was required to pull off a design that included a smoothly sliding panel to hide the television while still accommodating the functionality of the fireplace and it’s chimney.

A large and sleek bay window was installed to frame the room. This new addition brings in a great deal of natural lighting and provides additional seating that adds to the inviting ambiance. Overlooking the freshly remodeled deck, the bay window shows stunning views of the neighborhood’s lush foliage. Together with architect David Moulton, Hammer & Hand’s Project Supervisor Daryll Fry, Site Lead Carpenter Steph Lynch, and team of skilled craftspeople like the talented Moses Grubb created a transformative space that effortlessly shifts from a cozy home cinema to a stunning parlor that is sure to delight both client and guests for years to come.

To see the inner workings of this design, check out the drawings below. Shared with permission from the architect.



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