Kitchen Remodel Trends: 5 Black and White Kitchens

Black and white kitchens offer a classic look that won’t go out of style.

Black and White Kitchens Offer Timeless Appeal

When planning a kitchen remodel one of the most important visual elements to consider is color. Updating a kitchen’s look usually requires big changes such as new tile, flooring, cabinets, and appliances, so it’s important to choose a color palette that won’t go out of style in a year. For this reason, neutrals like black and white are great colors to use when updating a kitchen. Take a look at these five beautiful kitchen remodels all designed to take advantage of the timeless charm of black and white.

Bright designlab designed this Irvington bungalow kitchen with white as a primary color to keep the space bright while black accents like table legs, countertops, and pendant lighting add a subtle contrast.

Black and White Kitchen Remodel

Another small way to bring black into a kitchen design is to update the hardware. This Council Crest kitchen designed by Stephanie Tottingham has bronze drawer pulls and knobs in a black finish for a striking look against crisp white cabinets.

Black and White Cabinets in Portland Kitchen Remodel

Black doesn’t have to be relegated to small accents, however. Black flooring and cabinetry ground this modern Westmoreland kitchen designed by Studio Coop Architecture while white walls and ceiling keep the space feeling open and bright.

Kitchen Remodel with Black Floors

Another way to use a lot of black in a kitchen remodel is by updating the space with large floor-to-ceiling cabinets in a black finish. In this Marshall Park kitchen remodel, Bergevin Design used black on the cabinets and kitchen island but kept the kitchen design feeling balanced with a bright white ceiling and tile backsplash. The result is a modern kitchen with a sophisticated and clean look.

Kitchen Remodel with Black Kitchen Cabinets

A black and white kitchen doesn’t have to be entirely black and white. Pairing gray with black accents is a great way to use black while keeping the space feeling warm and comfortable. This Portland Nob Hill kitchen designed by Lynne Parker is a perfect example of a kitchen remodel with a gray, black, and white color scheme. Soft gray cabinets and fresh white walls keep the space feeling welcoming while black marble countertops and oven backsplash add a hip modern feel to the room.

Black, White, and Gray Kitchen Remodel

Would you use a black and white color scheme in your next kitchen remodel?


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