Home Remodel by H&H on Episode of Grimm

Portland home remodel featured on episode of Grimm.

A Portland home remodel Hammer & Hand worked on a few years ago made an appearance in the third episode of the second season of Grimm, “Bad Moon Rising” (you can see it in action on Amazon Instant Video here at 0:50, right at the beginning). Grimm wasn’t the only Portland-set show interested in using this home as a set. The IFC comedy Portlandia also considered shooting here.

Here are a couple screenshots of the kitchen in the episode:

Grimm Episode Shot in Portland/Seattle Home Builder Remodel Screenshot

A Schoolhouse Electric Orbit 8 light fixture can be seen in the dining room in the background. “I thought they might have swapped it out, because the set designer told me it was too hip,” said the homeowner, Cathy.

Screenshot of Grimm Episode Bad Moon Rising

If you could choose any show to come shoot an episode in your home, what would it be?

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