H&H Releases 2nd Edition of Best Practices Manual

We are excited to announce the release of the second edition of our Best Practices Manual, a guidebook of field-tested construction details. A compilation of expertise from Hammer & Hand’s builders and building science practitioners, the manual was created to guide our work in the field.

“We developed the manual in response to needs from our carpenters in the field,” said Dan Whitmore, H&H Certified Passive House Consultant and Best Practices Manual author. “We chose to publish it as a way of doing our part to help advance building praxis. The feedback from colleagues has been amazing and has helped strengthen this new edition.”

The second edition expands on the first, including all of the original details, some of which have been refined, while adding new techniques and solutions. New additions to the manual include: vented and unvented roof assemblies, parapet walls, flat roof assemblies, air sealing, insulation, wall assemblies, and framing pocket doors and stairs. Check out a just a few of the new details below:

Air Sealing Detail | Hammer & Hand Best Practices Manual

Detail: 5.2 Air Sealing at Sheathing

Insulation Detail | Hammer & Hand Best Practices Manual

Detail: 5.3 Attic Insulation – Loose Fill

Flat Roof Assembly Detail | Hammer & Hand Best Practices Manual

Detail: 6.4 Flat Rood Assembly

The Best Practices Manual website is free to the public and shared under a Creative Commons license. To view the manual and learn more, visit https://hammerandhand.com/best-practices/manual/


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