Get an inside look at the process and procedure of a home energy retrofit in new video

Tom Elsass explains what homeowners should expect when going through a home energy retrofit.

With the hottest days of Summer winding down, it’s almost time to start pulling out the sweaters, hitting up the pumpkin patch, and thinking about staying warm on those brisk Fall days. One way to stay comfortable during the cold season is to look at your home’s efficiency. Bringing your home’s insulation and ventilation up to date can not only save you from drafty chills but also from high energy bills when the temperature drops.

But what exactly does a home energy retrofit entail? Hammer & Hand project lead Tom Elsass explains the process of a whole home approach to to energy remodeling and what homeowners can expect before, during, and after a home energy retrofit from Hammer & Hand. So whether you’re a home remodel veteran or a project newbie, bringing modern comfort to your home has never been easier!

Check out the video below to learn more!

– Jeff

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