Custom Mahogany Windows with Crank Hardware

Our talented craftspeople never cease to impress. Our woodshop manager Dan Palmer recently completed and shipped out a set of impressive custom windows for a client in Oregon wine country. The windows will be set into existing space in the gable end of a log home designed to mirror the home’s roofline.

Initially the client requested the windows to be made of cedar, but Dan suggested using mahogany, a much more resilient wood that holds up better under the everyday strains of window use.

The windows consist of three pieces – a fixed trapezoidal top piece, an operable outswing sash, and a fixed square window.

Dan drew out the plans for the windows first:



Upper Unit of Custom Windows | Hammer & Hand


Below the trapezoidal section is a square section.

Square Lower Portion of Custom Windows | Hammer & Hand

The client initially asked for the windows to be push-out awning windows, but due to how high up they would be Dan suggested an easier-to-use alternative: crank hardware. Below are his drawings of the operable components.

Detail Drawings of Custom Windows | Hammer & Hand

Here is a short clip of Dan demonstrating the crank-out function:

Our in-house woodshop is always creating new and interesting pieces for our clients – from custom windows and doors to live edge dining tables. Learn more about our woodshop services here.

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