Custom Ellipsis Kitchen Counter: Process & Install

H&H Woodshop Manager and master craftsman Dan Palmer built this custom countertop as part of a larger whole house remodel our Seattle team is currently wrapping up (more on that later!). The counter started as seven separate black walnut boards, Dan laminated them together to create one big slab.

Counter Wood Boards Being Laminated Together

Dan then cut the boards into the elliptical shape the designer detailed, making sure the grain was oriented in regards to how the counter will intersect with the kitchen island.

Custom Counter Cut into Shape | Hammer & Hand

Dan then routered dadoes into the bottom of the counter in order to accept the steel grid Brian Parnell (of Parnell Design & Fabrication) fabricated to support the cantilevered counter. He oversized the dadoes so the wood would have room to expand and contract seasonally without causing damage to the wood.

Routered Counter Top | Hammer & Hand

Below is the steel grid that will attach to the island and support the counter.

Steel Grid for Custom Counter | Hammer & Hand

Dan built a pony wall and assembled the counter and grid to test out the support in the shop – he wanted to make sure it worked before it was sent up to Seattle to be installed. It did!

View of Bottom of Custom Counter and Supports | Hammer and Hand

Once it arrived in Seattle the team working on the whole house remodel project installed it in the freshly remodeled kitchen. Check it out:

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