ADU client committed to quality: see result at Wednesday’s Cider Mixer and Open House!

Hammer & Hand’s Will Richmond discusses the client’s key role at the Alameda Ridge ADU.

Accessory Dwelling Unit open house and cider mixer invitation.In case you missed the invitation, we’d love to have you join us this Wednesday, November 16, 4-6pm, at our Cider Mixer and Open House at the Alameda Ridge ADU.  Enjoy “cider libations and greenbuilding revelations” with us!

I spoke with Hammer & Hand lead carpenter Will Richmond yesterday about the eco-friendly sustainable cottage and how it came to be.  The ADU is awaiting certification as an Earth Advantage New Home.  As this October 26 Field Notes blog post describes, the home incorporates a powerful mix of high performance features that will afford it both a small physical and ecological footprint.

“The homeowners’ commitment to quality really impressed me,” Will told me.  “The ADU will be a rental, but Bruce and Carolyn are treating the project as if it’s their own home and aren’t cutting any corners.  They’re really anticipating future tenants’ comfort.”

The project began when Bruce and Carolyn approached architect John Perkins about building an rental income-generating cottage where their old garage stood.  John developed the basic design, layout and finish choices with the clients before relocating out of state.  When Hammer & Hand came in, the groundwork that the clients had laid with John facilitated our building process because they had already made a bunch of key decisions.

Sustainable accessory dwelling unit.But they were also open to upgrades to the structure.

“Bruce and Carolyn were very open to ideas for improving the ADU concept, whether it was insulation, the air barrier, upgrading to Marvin windows, or bringing the project in line with the Earth Advantage program,” said Will.  “They wanted to invest in the quality of the space, materials, air quality, quality of heating and cooling.  For them it was all part of making a good investment, to build with integrity and to last.”

And to help keep costs down, the clients took on the task of painting themselves.  Likewise, the clients will hire a landscaper and use the Earth Advantage guidelines to select plants and plan irrigation themselves.

“The clients are getting to know the details of the ADU intimately as they paint it,” said Will.  “And they really appreciate all of the exterior finish and interior trim details.  They’re super excited about the project.  And I’m happy to see them happy!”

We hope to see you this Wednesday at the Open House and tour the ADU with you!

– Zack

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