5 Bathroom Tile Ideas for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

These five bathroom remodels showcase diverse bathroom tile ideas.

When planning a bathroom remodel many decisions must be made: Will there be a soaking tub or just a shower? Pedestal sink or drop-in? What type of hardware best fits with the cabinet material?

One of the most important aesthetic decisions, however, is what type of tile to use in the bathroom. The color, size, and pattern of the bathroom tile has a big impact on the look and feel of the space. Small tile can simulate movement while larger, glossy tile can make small bathrooms feel more grand. Take a look at these five Hammer & Hand bathroom remodels and see how the tile choice impacts the atmosphere of each space:

Colorful Bathroom Tile in Portland Bathroom Remodel

This bathroom remodel, designed by Ronda Haas-Huntze, has a droplet pattern created using an Italian glass tile, available through Pratt & Larson. This bathroom tile pattern hints at rain drops dripping down the sides of the shower.

Black Bathroom Tile in Condo Bathroom Remodel

Black tile from Ann Sacks gave this condo bathroom remodel, designed by bright designlab, a sophisticated new look. Horizontal lines on the tile give them some texture which warms up the look of the bathtub area.

White Subway Bathroom Tile

Always a classic, simple white tile never goes out of style. This bathroom remodel, also designed by bright designlab, features long rectangular tile in white for a clean look.

Green Bathroom Tile

Subdued tones of green, white, and orange work together in three different bathroom tile patterns to give this bathroom remodel, designed by Steelhead Architecture, a varied look. The white hexagon tiles of the heated floor keep the space feeling bright while the mottled green tiles match the green wainscoting of the wall.

White Marble Bathroom Tile in Shower

The radiant-heated floor of this floating home bathroom remodel, designed by Kevin Fischer of Alice Design and Charlotte Cooney of Domestic Arts, is covered by wide square marble tile by Ann Sacks. The same tile covers the interior of the shower for a cohesive look. The result? A bright and airy bathroom that stays warm year-round.

What type of bathroom tile do you have in your home?

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