Windows and doors by Hammer & Hand: craft, science and upcycling

Custom sashes and doors by Hammer & Hand represent a microcosm of our broader approach to building.

The custom windows and doors that we create at Hammer & Hand encapsulate who we are as a company – a shop of craftspeople and building scientists.

When we build or remodel a home or business, we’re focused on both the beauty and durability of the workmanship as well as the building performance outcomes of the energy improvements we orchestrate.  It’s about both craft and science.

The same is true for our windows and doors.  We’re passionate about creating perfect architectural matches of existing cope-and-stick profiles, for instance.  But we also offer triple-pane and vacuum insulated panel glazing solutions that increase thermal resistance and reduce a window’s carbon footprint.  Craft and science again.

And the parallels continue.  We’ve written extensively here about use of upcycled materials in remodeling and new construction projects and the conservation of embodied energy and embodied narrative that upcycling achieves.  That’s true, too, for windows and doors.  And the use of reclaimed wood in custom millwork is not only good for the planet and psyche, but also results in a superior product because old wood is so special.

Firstly, upcycled wood is aged, which makes it super durable.  (The century-old studs that we routinely encounter in the field, for instance, are often so hard that you can’t drive a nail into them.  The wood almost petrifies over time.)  Secondly, salvaged old growth wood is tough to beat.  The grain quality and density of the best reclaimed wood is basically impossible to find in lumberyards today.

Of course, Hammer & Hand makes plenty of beautiful, extremely long-lasting windows and doors out of new wood.  But if a client is looking to be part of the cradle-to-cradle ethos, upcycled wood millwork is a compelling way to go.

In sum? Fine craftsmanship, expert building science and upcycling imbue our work, everywhere from the construction of buildings to the manufacture of windows and doors.

– Zack

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