VIDEO: Clean Energy Works Oregon showcases H&H client in ‘Why I Love CEWO’ testimonial

Susan Walrabenstein describes the transformation of her 1904 Portland home.

As part of Clean Energy Works Oregon’s public education effort about the benefits of and incentives for home energy remodels, the nonprofit is sharing testimonials by Portlanders who’ve recently completed the program.  And heading that list of CEWO testifiers is Hammer & Hand’s recent client Susan Walrabenstein.

Here’s a sampling of what Susan shared on Clean Energy Works Oregon’s website:

“I don’t mean to sound melodramatic, but this was a life-changing experience for me,” she said.

“My house is now fully insulated and I have central heat and air conditioning with my high energy efficient heat pump,” she said. “Instead of being in the mid to upper 50′s, I am in a comfortable 65-68. I no longer dread the cold weather coming (house-wise anyway). The house is quieter too.”

Please check out Susan’s CEWO video testimonial!:

Learn more about Clean Energy Works Oregon.

– Zack

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