Seattle remodeling project update: FastFlash applied, roofing in progress, and windows on the way

Heliotrope Architects designed and Hammer & Hand built Loyal Heights new home addition is coming along quite nicely.

Last we reported on the Loyal Heights new home addition designed by Seattle-based Heliotrope Architects, the Hammer & Hand Seattle crew had started the exterior framing. Now completed, the crew applied a layer of FastFlash, a breathable waterproof membrane, to protect the exterior.

Renderings provided by Heliotrope Architects

The FastFlash coating gives the building an orange hue. Also seen here is the metal roof in progress, which is designed to capture clean rain water that will drain into a preexisting rain garden.

Once the exterior shell was up, Hammer and Hand carpenters Cliff Kilwein and Stephen Zielke applied a sub slab air and moisture barrier to prevent moisture from migrating up through the slab. For this project, the crew used a 15mm polyethylene dedicated moisture barrier, rather than the standard 5-10mm, in order to make a more robust membrane.

Project lead Dan Whitmore says the next step for this project will be to install the passive house-certified triple glazed, windows on their way from Klearwall Windows based in Ireland. He explained, “the boat just docked yesterday, just waiting for them to clear customs.”


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