Portland Home Builder’s Pumpkin Ridge Passive House Garners Regional and National Attention

The Pumpkin Ridge Passive House, under construction by Portland home builder Hammer & Hand and designed by Scott | Edwards Architecture, is showcased by Northwest ENERGY STAR® as one of six super-efficient demonstration homes in the Pacific Northwest.

universal design retrofit by Hammer & Hand and ReFitPortland, Oregon
Portland home builder Hammer & Hand’s Pumpkin Ridge Passive House construction project has attracted a flurry of recent attention – both mainstream and industry-specific – for its fusion of super-efficiency, high design, and reasonable price tag.The project was first recognized by Northwest ENERGY STAR® last fall when the agency selected Pumpkin Ridge Passive House as one of six super-efficient demonstration homes in the Pacific Northwest. Since then, KGW NewsChannel 8, Green Building Advisor, Energy Design Update, and EarthTechling have all featured the project and its accessible path to high performance home building. Last week The Oregonian newspaper covered the story, including interviews with client, builder and architect.”We’re honored to be building the Pumpkin Ridge Passive House,” said Sam Hagerman, co-owner of builder Hammer & Hand. “The fact that this high performance home won’t cost any more to own and operate than a conventional custom-designed house has really caught people’s attention.”Recent coverage of the Pumpkin Ridge Passive House includes:

  • Northwest ENERGY STAR’s super-efficient demonstration home feature about the project.
  • KGW News Channel 8’s Greater Portland Today spot, “NW Energy Star: Hammer and Hand.”
  • Earth Techling’s “Oregon Passive House Aims to Slash Energy Bills.”
  • Green Building Advisor’s “Framin and Air Sealing Tips for High Performance Walls.”
  • The Oregonian’s “North Plains couple’s ‘passive house,’ built by Hammer & Hand, saves energy.”

For links to these stories, visit https://hammerandhand.com/pumpkin-ridge-passive-house.

Harnessing computer modeling power backed by 21st century building science, the design of Pumpkin Ridge Passive House employs a suite of simple building concepts (airtight envelope, super-insulation, high performance doors and windows, smart siting and solar design) to achieve gains in energy efficiency, comfort, indoor air quality and durability that were considered unattainable until recently. Investment in the home’s high performance building envelope allows its mechanical systems to be simplified and reduced. This emphasis on simplicity over complexity helps makes Passive House buildings cost-effective and appealing for those with an eye for design elegance.

“When you think about it, why do we need a heat source every day?” asked Pumpkin Ridge Passive House client Bryan Farris, a ‘Sneakerologist’ at Nike. “In theory I can put on 15 jackets and break a sweat in the coldest of temperatures. Can’t we do the same with our buildings? As we researched alternative approaches, Passive House started popping up all over the place. We really connected with its ‘less is more’ approach.”

For more about Passive House construction, visit https://hammerandhand.com/passive-house. For more about the Pumpkin Ridge project, visit https://hammerandhand.com/pumpkin-ridge-passive-house.

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