Plants and Houses

Spring is definitely here.  We’re eating salad from the roof top garden beds here at H&H H.Q.

Our roof garden expert planted starts of all kinds of greens 3 weeks ago and it looks like we can average a salad a day for 4-6 people. How satisfying!

But everything is growing.  And this reminds me to sound a general alarm out to check around the perimeter of your house for inappropriate plant – to – house contact.   When shrubs, trees, even weeds and tall grass rub against your house, they create a great path for bugs.  Even more, you want your old house to be able to get good sun exposure to dry it out.  If you have deciduous vines used for seasonal shading, you need to watch that they don’t be come super highways for insect infestation.  A good layer of Tanglefoot above the base of the vine will do the trick.  Re-apply as necessary.

Trim the trees so they don’t hang over the roof, which can encourage moss growth, especially on the north side.  And check to make sure there’s no dirt/wood contact around the house while you’re at it.  (unless the wood is of a type that’s approved for this)

Enjoy the spring, eat a salad!  More on roof gardens and green roofs later…

– Sam

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