New Ice Cream shop, built by Hammer & Hand, opens

Commercial/restaurant remodel for ascendant Portland scoop shop Salt & Straw opened to the public on Friday.

In a blog post here last month I wrote about our work with Salt & Straw building its first bricks-and-mortar location at 2035 NE Alberta Street, Portland.  Described by founder Kim Malek as a mercantile-style shop (see Portland Portland Monthly photo of Salt & Straw's new locationMonthly’s pic to the left to see what she means), the new space features furniture and building components handcrafted from reclaimed wood in Hammer & Hand’s shop, salvaged library shelves for product display, local artwork, and of course Salt & Straw’s signature fusion flavors.

For Friday’s opening, Allison Jones wrote an excellent piece in  Portland Monthly’s Eat Beat blog, Inside Salt & Straw’s Scoop Shop, featuring lots of nice photos of the space and its wares. also picked up the story (see here).

Enjoy!  We have.  In fact, Salt & Straw is so delicious that Hammer & Hand did the entire remodel in exchange for free ice cream.

– Zack

P.S. Okay, just kidding about the payment in ice cream … but it is pretty fantastic stuff.

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