New home in Sherwood on track to earn Earth Advantage Platinum certification

Rendering above by Scott | Edwards Architecture.

“I didn’t really know about it,” said lead carpenter Patrick Conrad of the fact that the new green home he is building in Sherwood, designed by Scott | Edwards Architecture, is on track to earn Platinum certification as an Earth Advantage home.  (Visit our certified green homes to learn about our approach, including project examples, videos, and articles.)

“We were just following our standard operating procedures,” Conrad said.  “It turns out that this way of building is consistent with Earth Advantage Platinum standards.”

Earth Advantage home certification emerged as a possibility when Sean Hendryx, energy analyst with Hammer & Hand, sat down with Earth Advantage’s Ryan Shanahan to explore possible energy efficiency incentives for the project.  Ryan took a look at the plans and Hammer & Hand’s specs and said that not only were incentives possible, but Earth Advantage certification was likely.

After a site inspection by Earth Advantage, it became clear that Platinum certification was within reach for the project.

While Earth Advantage home certification addresses energy performance, it also looks at a broad range of sustainability goals, including land use, materials, and water.  In this way it differs from Passive House, which brings a laser focus on energy use and comfort.

The home started with some things in its favor, in Earth Advantage’s eyes.  As a home in an existing neighborhood, it gets credit as an infill project and for its access to amenities.  Its sloping roof will direct rainwater to a concrete planter, earning credit for onsite infiltration.  And the home’s sealed combustion fireplace is key – if it were a conventional fireplace then certification would be precluded.

But to earn Earth Advantage certification, the house needs to achieve a suite of goals in planning and design, waste management, building envelope, heating and cooling, ventilation, lighting, appliances and water heating, interior materials, and water efficiency.

All signs show the project comfortably in Platinum territory.  Verification will come after project completion.  Fingers crossed!

Siding is currently underway at the site – see the photos from Patrick:

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