Kitchen Remodel in Rose City Park neighborhood

Kitchen reinvention honors tradition of bungalow with rich oak, subway tile and recycled concrete and glass countertops.

We just published a new gallery of project images to our website featuring this classic kitchen remodel designed by Charlotte Cooney of Domestic Arts and Kevin Fischer of Alice Designs.  (Thanks to Carie Camacho/Alissa Pulcrano for the beautiful photography.)

Hammer & Hand Project Manager Alex Daisley led the project in a historic bungalow in Portland’s Rose City Park neighborhood.  He and the designers took great care to match the aesthetics of the existing home in the kitchen remodel, while also creating a space that meets the demands of 21st century home life.  (Note: for more about our conception of kitchen remodeling, visit our Kitchen Remodels page.)

Kitchen remodel in Rose City Park, Portland.

The oak trim, casework, and windows throughout the kitchen was stained to match the existing wood work in the adjacent living room, and the parting bead detail that flows through the windows and opening archway also matches existing work precisely.

Kitchen remodel in Rose City Park, Portland.

We emphasized local materials throughout the project.  The period light shades are from Portland’s Schoolhouse Electric, and the counter tops are made from a locally produced recycled concrete and glass polymer concocted according to a European formula.  Subway tiles and marmoleum flooring round out the kitchen finishes.

Kitchen remodel in Rose City Park, Portland.

One improvisatory touch was the pullout pantry cabinet sized for food wrap storage (pictured below left).  What would otherwise have been dead space in the cabinetry became a handy, custom touch.  We also added a new doorway and transom (pictured below right) in the kitchen to provide separation for a back stair that leads to a guest flat.  A timer sensor turns the light on in the hallway only when the door opens.

Kitchen remodel in Rose City Park, Portland.

It’s a handsome project, and an excellent example of how seamlessly a modern kitchen can be incorporated into a traditional home aesthetic.

– Zack

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