Home energy assessment can be good for both buyers and sellers

Recent Washington Post story highlights the potential benefits of home energy assessments.


A recent article from the Washington Post highlights the usefulness of home energy assessments in buying and selling homes. Energy assessments (and subsequent retrofits) can save buyers money in future energy costs or, much like standard home inspections, bring attention to issues in a home that need to be addressed down the road.

An energy assessment can also help sellers identify features that set their home apart or provide suggestions for improvements that buyers concerned with energy efficiency might find attractive.

In the Post piece, the owner of a realty company in Boston, Leland DiMeco cites the example an old New England Colonial home that sold for $50,000 more than comparable energy wasting homes as one reason he suggests energy assessments to all of his clients. The higher sales price was a direct result of retrofit work suggested by an energy assessment.

Doing the assessment “turned out to be a great marketing benefit for the sellers,” said DiMeco, even though it took some coaxing to convince them it was a good idea.


– Cody

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