Home Design Ideas: The Inside/Outside Connection

These 5 projects illustrate inside/outside connections in home design.

Our work on a recent new home project in Sherwood, Oregon that connects inside and outside brought to mind a few past projects that also feature inside-outside connections. In home design, creating an inside-outside connection is a great way to make the space feel open, airy, and connected to the outside world. Sometimes this is accomplished with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer expansive views, sometimes the connection is larger with doors that completely open up an interior space to an outdoor area. These five projects show just how meaningful having an inside-outside connection can be. Take a look!

Home Design Ideas Inside Outside Connection in Yamhill County Home

Glass doors accordion open in this retreat in the hills of Yamhill County, Oregon to connect the indoors with the beautiful outdoor scenery and patio.

New Home in Vancouver, WA Features Inside Outside Connection

This new home overlooking the Columbia River features impressive floor-to-ceiling windows and glass sliding doors to not only offer an expansive view of the outdoors, but also open up to connect the deck with the interior living space.

Home Remodel in SW Portland Features Indoor Outdoor Connection in Sunroom

This sunroom, with two walls covered in windows and glass doors, give the feeling of being outside while sitting comfortably inside. The doors can be swung open to connect the space with the back deck and garden outside.

Portland Home Remodel Features Inside Outside Connection

The sitting area in this historic estate features doors that open up to the patio with a view of the extensive grounds. In the summer, these doors open to create a large socializing area that’s half indoors and half outdoors. In the winter, the doors close to keep the home warm but offer a clear view to the outdoor area.

Home Remodel in Vancouver, WA Features Indoor Outdoor Connection

The existing sliding glass doors were replaced with a new overhead bay door to better facilitate the indoor/outdoor transition in this basement conversion.The result is a door that can open all the way up to open the space to the outdoor area.


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