Home Builder Hammer & Hand’s Video Series Details A-to-Z of High Performance Window Installation

Portland & Seattle High Performance Home Builder Hammer & Hand releases new video series detailing the complete installation process of European-style high performance Passive House windows at the Pumpkin Ridge Passive House site.

Portland, Oregon

Builder Hammer and Hand Window InstallationPortland and Seattle high performance home builder Hammer & Hand announced today the premiere of a new video series detailing the complete installation process of European style high performance Passive House windows. Zola Windows’ Florian Speier provides an A-to-Z overview of unpacking, installing, and adjusting high performance windows on location at the Pumpkin Ridge Passive House, built by Hammer & Hand.

“In our climate we generally rely on triple-pane Passive House windows with insulated frames and super high performance gaskets,” said Certified Passive House Consultant Skylar Swinford. “The overall performance of the windows are more than two times better than a typical ‘energy efficient’ window.”

When constructing a high performance building such as a Passive House, moisture management, air tightness, installed thermal performance, and air management are mission critical. Windows can easily become the weak links, so proper window installation becomes the most critical component of the structure’s construction.

The new video series highlights not only how to connect the window to the structure but also how to properly flash the rough opening, air seal, and over-insulate the frames. The entire series can be viewed on Hammer & Hand’s high performance building video page.

“When addressing high performance windows, the most important real world application is how they are installed,” said Skylar. “It really comes down to the details. There’s no point spending all of the money on high performance windows to then have air leaks due to poor installation.”

Learn more about Portland high performance home building services by visiting Hammer & Hand’s website at http://www.hammerandhand.com/seattle.

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