Home Additions Portfolio Published by Portland and Seattle Remodeling Contractor Hammer & Hand

Eight home addition remodels recently unveiled by Portland and Seattle remodeling contractor Hammer And Hand show eight unique approaches to adding value and utility to existing homes, from second story conversions to kitchen expansions to mudroom addition.

Portland & Seattle remodeling contractor Hammer & Hand unveiled today a new portfolio of home addition remodels that illustrates the versatility of the construction type for both clients and the remodeling industry. With projects ranging from full second story additions to a more modest mudroom addition, each of the eight selected remodels brings its own value and utility to respective clients’ homes.

“Remodels are as unique as the clients who embark on them,” said Hammer And Hand co-owner and CEO Daniel Thomas. “Each home represents a unique opportunity, and this new portfolio demonstrates how home addition design and construction responds in really diverse ways.”

The eight projects showcased in Hammer And Hand’s new home additions portfolio feature design work by eight independent architects and designers, demonstrating the efficacy of the “three-legged stool” approach to the design-build process in remodeling: collaboration between designer, builder, and client.

“We work with independent designers on every remodel we build,” said Thomas, “so each of these projects is the result of intensive collaboration between the homeowner, the architect, and Hammer And Hand.”

Home addition remodels by Portland and Seattle remodeler Hammer & Hand

Three of the remodel projects are second-story additions, some of which double the household’s space with new bedrooms, bathroom and other work and living space.  Two feature master-suite additions that add square footage to the home to accommodate gracious master bedroom space.  Another two involve small additions that allow a re-ordering of the home’s interior and its indoor/outdoor connection.  And the 936 House adds a playful modernist tower of light topped with a loft aerie to a historic Victorian home:


  • Alameda Bungalow – three new bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs transform a modest 1924 home.
  • Tabor Addition – a new master bedroom suite, kids bedroom and bathroom pay homage to Craftsman heritage.
  • Victorian Remodel – two new bedrooms and a bathroom, built with upcycled wood and environmentally responsible materials, add historically-sensitive functionality.


  • Clinton Remodel – scissor trusses and a bank of south-facing windows brings welcome natural light to master bedroom addition.
  • Tudor Remodel – attic conversion adds new master bedroom suite and office space to historic Tudor home.


  • SW Hills Home – a series of cramped spaces is transformed into a light-filled sequence of entry, kitchen, dining room and living space.
  • Mudroom Addition – an old porch becomes a new mudroom and entry, bike storage and kids loft.


  • 936 House – a pillar of ascending windows brings light into the home and provides owner with tower-top perch.

“Remodeling is really a grand exercise in upcycling,” said Thomas, “taking old houses and infusing them with new utility to suit the needs of 21st century households. Home additions are key to that work.”

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