Historic Sellwood Remodel: Before/After/During Photos

Hammer and Hand’s recent whole house remodel of an historic Sellwood Victorian home is brought to life by new photos from client David Grigsby.

Some readers may recall David’s blog post about the remodel of his family’s home.  The project was featured on last month’s Sellwood | Westmoreland Remodeled Home Tour, a benefit for Llewellyn Elementary.  David and family graciously invited us to show our upcycled furniture in the home during the tour (you’ll see some of the pieces in the photos).

David recently sent me several photos of the construction process and the finished product that I’ve shared below.  He also had this to say:

“The Remodeled Home Tour was a very successful event for Llewellyn and for our project.  It was a great opportunity to share the house with people that have been walking by it for the past several months and eager to look inside, not to mention being able to tell the story of the project to a broad audience – having Aaron and Eddy part of that dialog was perfect.  The whole process with Hammer and Hand that started several years ago when we first met Sam Hagerman up to this point has been such a pleasure that I cannot help but incorporate the process into the final product – exactly what I had hoped.”

Please see the collection of photos below!


Sellwood Victorian Remodel

Portland Historic Remodeled
Hammer and Hand job sign, built-in details constructed with upcycled wood.

Portland Historic Remodel
Upcycled furniture, home ready for tour.

Portland Historic Remodel
Construction in-progress.

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