Hammer & Hand Unveils High Performance Building Video Page Featuring Over 60 Passivhaus Videos

The high performance building how-tos shared by Hammer & Hand’s videos provide builders and architects with real world examples of successful, field-tested high performance design and construction strategies.
Portland & Seattle builder Hammer & Hand unveiled today its new high performance building video webpage featuring over 60 how-to videos filmed on location at Passivhaus (aka Passive House) construction sites throughout the Pacific Northwest. The videos represent a repository of practical high performance building techniques and tips for builders of Passivhaus and other super-efficient buildings throughout North America.
“We’re pleased to be part of the move toward high performance building in the US,” said Hammer & Hand co-founder Sam Hagerman. “We count ourselves lucky to be working on several innovative projects, so we’ve carefully documented our construction details and approach in order to share what we’re learning with our peers.”
High performance design and construction, including Passivhaus, harnesses 21st century building science and energy modeling to achieve 90% reductions in heating and cooling energy use. Careful detailing and precision craftsmanship are critical to achieving the airtightness and super-insulation necessary to reach such levels of building performance.
The videos in Hammer & Hand’s high performance video page run the gamut, from detailed step-by-step instructions for Passivhaus window installation to demonstrations of laying foundations on structural geofoam to in-depth discussions of super-efficient mechanical systems. Foundations, wall assemblies, windows and doors, airtight construction, heat recovery ventilation, solar strategies, and rain screen systems are all covered by the videos.
“While high performance construction isn’t easy, it’s also completely doable if you’ve got the passion and drive that I see in many career carpenters,” said Hagerman. “It does take training, and we see these videos as one practical reference for builders and architects alike.”
To view Hammer & Hand’s high performance building videos, visit https://hammerandhand.com/videos

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