Hammer & Hand raises Passive House building standard awareness in new videos from last year’s JLC Live conference.

Sam Hagerman, Dan Whitmore and Skylar Swinford share knowledge & experience on Passive House Building in presentations at JLC Live.

The JLC Live conference is one of the nation’s leading gathering spots for builders and vendors to congregate, swap information, and trade tips on new products, technologies, and building techniques in the industry. With growing demand and necessity for high performance and energy efficient building, Hammer & Hand was excited to draw on its connections and background in the Passive House community to help Passive House Alliance US organize a panel of presentations raising awareness on Passive House Building standards at the last JLC Live conference in Portland, OR.

Presenters spread knowledge about Passive House building to their peers, contributing information and techniques all relevant to strengthening an industry that is, literally, building the future.

Hammer & Hand co-owner and President of Passive House Alliance US (PHAUS), Sam Hagerman, Hammer & Hand project manager Dan Whitmore, and Hammer & Hand head of Building Performance Skylar Swinford were three among the presenters at December’s JLC Live conference. Check out the videos and slideshow below to see their presentations!

– Jeff

Sam’s presentation:

Dan’s presentation:

Skylar’s presentation:

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