H&H to share Karuna home construction, PHat wall details, and builder perspectives at Passive House Institute US conference in Pittsburgh

Sam, Skylar and Dan will make four passive building presentations at the conference this week.

We’re Pittsburgh-bound for the 8th Annual North American Passive House Conference, presented by the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) and the Passive House Alliance US (PHAUS).  It’s an event we anticipate each year, both for the community of passive building practitioners it gathers and for the deep building science and Passive House expertise it offers.

This year Hammer & Hand will make four presentations at the proceedings.  Sam Hagerman (who also serves as President of PHAUS) will present about the business opportunities that Passive House presents (Friday morning) and about the Karuna House (Friday afternoon).  Skylar Swinford will share Passive House builders’ perspectives as part of the “Builders Hootenany” on Friday afternoon.  And Dan Whitmore will present “PHat Walls,” an overview of Passive House wall assembly strategies (Friday morning).

Karuna Passive House Wall Diagram

In addition to a suite of presentations by our North American PH compatriots, the conference will feature these keynotes:

Sean Penrith, Executive Director of the Portland-based Climate Trust – “Passive Building, Carbon and Climate”
Sebastian Moreno-Vacca, President of the Plateforme Maison Passive – “Belgium Adopts Passive House”
Joe Lstiburek, Principal of the Building Science Corporation – “Ventilation Standards and Passive Building”

Katrin Klingenberg, Co-Founder of the Passive House Institute US – “Climate & Culture Passive Standards: Moving Forward”

 Karuna Passive House

Karuna Passive House

For more info about the proceedings, visit the conference website.

– Zack

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