Glasswood commercial retrofit to be featured by international ‘Passive House Days’ event

Hammer & Hand’s Sam Hagerman & Skylar Swinford will host visitors Nov 9 & 10, 2012.

Want to witness the superior air quality and thermal comfort of a Passive House office space first-hand?  And in the nation’s first commercial Passive House retrofit?

Glasswood commercial Passive House retrofit

Join Sam Hagerman and Skylar Swinford on Friday, November 9 (10am-4pm) and Saturday, November 10 (1-4pm) for a tour of our Glasswood Passive House office space as part of “Passive House Days,” presented by the International Passive House Association 3717 SE Division Street, Portland.  Glasswood will join hundreds of projects around the globe taking part in the event.

Glasswood commercial Passive House retrofit

“Excellent indoor air quality, consistently pleasant temperatures and affordable energy costs guaranteed over the long term: these are the advantages to be gained by building owners and investors,” explains Dr. Wolfgang Feist, Director of the Passive House Institute and co-initiator of the Passive House Days.

For more about Passive House Days and other participating projects in Portland and Seattle, click here.

We hope to see you there!

– Zack

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