Custom Plans Table with Vintage Upcycled Base and Reclaimed Wood

While we completed all the major updates to our Seattle office in the Bullitt Center months ago, we are still adding a few details to the space for both function and style. The most recent addition to our Seattle office is a custom plans table for rolling out and reading architectural drawings.

Plans Table Top with Reclaimed Wood and 3Form | Hammer & Hand

The top of the table is crafted from reclaimed picklewood sealed with an oil-based product and covered with VOC compliant Bona Traffic 2-part water-based commercial floor finish in a satin sheen. To help unify the table to the rest of our Bullitt Center office, H&H woodshop manager Dan Palmer integrated green 3form (used in our conference room door, watch a short video about it here) into the top. The inch-thick piece we had wasn’t thick enough to match up with the thickness of the wood, so Dan came up with a way to make it thicker. “We ended up seaming a half-inch piece of 3form to the inch-thick piece to match the width of the table,” said Dan. He then secured the 3form with clamps and cauls and used a structural grade silicone to edge laminate the picklewood to the 3form.

Custom Plans Table Base | Hammer & Hand

H&H co-owner Daniel Thomas found the vintage base at Grant Michael Industrial in Portland, OR. In its previous life this base was a set of adjustable parallel bars by J.E. Porter Corporation. Check out this old ad for Porter gymnasium equipment from a 1957 publication:

Vintage Porter Ad from 1957 Recreation Publication

The base still has the J.E. Porter logo:

J.E. Porter Corporation Logo on Vintage Table Base | Hammer & Hand

In order to transform the vintage parallel bars into a table base a few important modifications had to be made. The base originally had six-foot-long stretcher pieces, which would have made the table too high to be used. The team cut them to one foot long each and drilled holes on the end to fasten with carriage bolts. The base and table combined weigh about 500 pounds, so the team outfitted the bottom of the leg assembly with casters to make it easy to roll around the space. Levers at the bottom of the base, when cranked, raise the table up which allows it to be moved.

Custom Plans Table by Hammer & Hand

Another addition to the table is a basket for holding architectural drawings. Brian Parnell, of Parnell Design & Fabrication, crafted the basket (attached underneath the table) out of raw steel to hold architectural drawings and plans.

Custom Plans Table with Basket by Hammer & Hand

Pedrali “Happy 490” bar stools in red provide seating and add a dash color.

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