Report from the field: concrete footing pour and form setting at Yamhill Winery Residence

See the latest installment of photos by Hammer & Hand’s M.A.C. Casares.

M.A.C., our Project Wrangler, is documenting the construction process for the new home that Hammer & Hand is building at a Yamhill County winery.  (View his last installment.)  His latest shots follow below, along with his annotations…

“Looking Southwest, prepping for today’s pour: 60 yards, 3 guys, 6 hours of nonstop pouring.”

“Prepping to start pumping, the pump house laid out in the ground.”

“Starting to fill the forms for the footing, only 45 more yards to go…”

“Close up view of the forms filling up … almost not quite but a little close to not even being near done …”

“Footers done and filled, 6 hours after the first shot from the pump.  Feeling tired and accomplished.”

“Footings poured and stripped.”

Jake Welliver in the foreground with J. Leaver in the lift.”

“Just getting started … these forms are 8 feet tall.”

“Setting forms, rebar verts (verticals) protruding from the already-poured footer.”

“Forms with #4 verts tied to existing #5 verts.  #4 set 12 inches on center for horizontals…”

“Looking Southeast, zoomed with Mt. Hood in the distance.”

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