Commercial Remodel Unveiled – Pioneering Seattle Veterinarian ‘Urban Animal’ Opens

Capitol Hill commercial remodel for Urban Animal’s new Seattle veterinary practice melds retro-chic design by GGLO and Seattle Junk Love with high performance construction by Seattle contractor Hammer & Hand.

Seattle, Washington – Urban Animal, Seattle’s pioneering new veterinary practice, opened its doors for business this Thursday at its Capitol Hill location (1001 Broadway Avenue, Suite 109). The practice offers a new model of veterinary care, providing economically priced services with no appointment needed, and a compassionate and frank attitude towards caring for one’s pets. Designed by interior designer Seattle Junk Love and architect GGLO, and built by Seattle general contractor Hammer And Hand, the commercial remodel of Urban Animal gives physical expression to the Seattle veterinarian’s fresh approach to animal medicine.

Seattle commercial remodel of Urban Animal.“We wanted to create a space that was both true to Urban Animal and representative of the Capitol Hill neighborhood,” said Dr. Cherri Trusheim, owner of the practice. “No one else in the veterinary field in the US has opened a new practice with an eye towards style, comfort and personality.  No one has pushed the envelope on design with the interiors.  We did.”

(View interview with Seattle veterinarian Dr. Trusheim here:

Upcycled pallet wood serves as wainscoting.  Doors to exam rooms roll along an industrial-modern steel track.  High ceilings leave ductwork and electrical exposed, providing a welcome spaciousness to a compact office.

A vintage photo booth, complete with custom-fitted pet bench, graces the waiting room, inviting clients and passersby alike to take snapshots with their animals.  Custom wallpaper made from hand-picked old photos of people and pets graces the walls of the exam rooms.  Vintage paint-by-number animal portraits in the bathroom further evoke the nostalgic vibe.


Seattle commercial remodel of Urban Animal.The commercial remodel team combined good design with high performance building expertise to ensure the practice both looks and feels different from conventional veterinary clinics. Hammer And Hand worked closely with HVAC engineers to design and install a ventilation system that brings in a constant supply of fresh air and exhausts spent air.

“We wanted to avoid that typical scent of urine mixed with fear,” quipped Sam Hagerman, co-owner of Hammer And Hand.  “So at Urban Animal we set out to provide a carefully balanced supply of fresh air so humans and animals are comfortable.”

Hammer And Hand’s Seattle project lead led the crew of carpenters and subcontractors to complete the project with speed and agility, bringing hand-crafted care to the practice’s public spaces and sterile precision to its medical spaces.

“Everyone took a really collaborative approach to the project,” said Trusheim, “creating a functional space with an aesthetic that is true to the essence of Urban Animal.”

More about Urban Animal can be found online at or by calling (206) 329-5337. Visit our commercial remodeling page for more about Seattle commercial remodels by Hammer And Hand.

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