Can Granny Flats Save Portland?: An ADU Symposium

On October 9, Hammer & Hand will host an Accessory Dwelling Unit symposium that brings together a diverse panel of green building experts to explore the question:

“Can Granny Flats save Portland?” Accessory Dwelling Unit Symposium

This Accessory Dwelling Unit discussion is timely.  As we’ve commented on elsewhere, changes made by the City of Portland this March removed significant barriers to ADU development, so the stage is really set for a wave of ADU building.

But will these ADUs (aka Granny Flats, Backyard Cottages, or Mother-in-Law Apartments) fully realize their potential in meeting critical goals for our communities?

  • Increased supply of affordable housing that blends with existing neighborhoods.
  • Compact urban form that supports walking, transit, and vibrant sidewalks.
  • Independent living for the elderly and disabled.
  • Extra rental income for owners.
  • Local, sustainable economic development.

A fine time will be had by all!


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