Built-In Storage Solutions: 5 Secret Liquor & Wine Cabinets

5 creative built-in storage solutions for wine and liquor collections.

These five built-in storage solutions from past Hammer & Hand projects all show off creative ways to store wine and liquor collections. Each home, regardless of its size, has a special feature that utilizes space for hidden storage. Cut the clutter and consider adding one of these clever design elements to your home:

#1: Secret Wine Shelf

Built-Storage Solution Wine Cabinet

This hidden wine cabinet’s door and door mechanism (a pulley, window weight, and cord) were salvaged from an old dumbwaiter discovered during the demolition for the remodel of this retro style kitchen designed by Kevin Fischer of Alice Designs and Charlotte Cooney of Domestic Arts. The door slides open and shut easily for a clean, uncluttered look with plenty of storage space behind it for the owner’s wine collection.

 #2: Pull-Out Liquor Cabinet

Secret Slide Out Wine Storage Cabinet

This hideaway liquor cabinet slides out from the otherwise-unused space inside the archway wall. It was added during the remodel of this Portland Tudor home designed by Kevin Fischer of Alice Designs and Charlotte Cooney of Domestic Arts. What a clever way to add storage to unused space!

 #3: Vertical Wine Drawer

Hidden Wine Drawer in New Home Remodel

This little drawer with extra vertical space was designed by Alissa Pulcrano of bright designlab for a compact kitchen remodel. It’s the perfect spot for storing a few bottles of wine, but could also be a handy space for keeping olive oil or other items needed nearby while cooking at the stove.

 #4: Modern Liquor Shelf

Modern Liquor Shelf in Home Remodel

The modern liquor shelf in this Wintler Park remodel, also designed by bright designlab, is a great example of how an organizational element can also have artistic flair. This long white shelf adds a brightness to the earthy tile accent wall. The shelf is backlit with LED lighting to give the bottles a glowing effect (and to make reading labels easier!).

 #5: Arched Wine Cellar

Built-In Storage Solutions Modern Wine Shelf

If your wine collection requires built-in storage of a larger variety a wine cellar is the way to go. This impressive barrel vaulted wine cellar designed by Emerick Architects was built by Hammer & Hand as part of a new Arts and Crafts revival home. This cellar, crafted from beautiful tongue and groove fir, features plenty of shelves for the owner’s growing collection.



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