Bathroom remodel reconfigures shower and bath in Laurelhurst bungalow

New shower takes full advantage of natural light, and new spa tub adds form & function.

Hammer & Hand’s Patrick Conrad and Christopher “Coop” Cooper worked with Gabe Headrick of Steelhead Architecture to split an existing tub/shower combo into two separate, more functional and beautiful elements in this bathroom remodel.  The new bathroom in a Craftsman bungalow in Portland’s Laurelhurst neighborhood features a new shower graced with natural light from an existing skylight and a new spa tub.

This photo, by bright designlab, shows how the new shower aligns with the existing skylight, how the color choice for the wainscoting and tile unites those materials, and how the tub’s half-ship’s-prow profile facilitates flow throughout the space and to the shower.

This next image provides a glimpse of the custom cabinet that Hammer & Hand’s Dan Palmer built for the end of the spa tub.  The walnut piece was designed for easy removal to allow access to a panel for the jetted tub.  Notice also how, at the corner, tile flows subtly into wainscoting.

Here we see detail of the shower’s tile work, with built-in niches.

This last image showcases the interplay of materials at work in the bathroom, with the white of the heated tile floor of the bathroom proper meeting wall trim and bathroom tile threshold, and wainscoting wrapping around to meet shower tile wall. See more photos of this bathroom remodeling project here.

– Zack

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