AIA+2030: Passively-Aggressive – employing passive systems for load reduction

Hammer & Hand’s Co-Founder Sam Hagerman and Lead Supervisor and Certified Passive House Consultant Dan Whitmore will lecture on Passive House Building Techniques as part of the AIA+2030 Series presented by AIA Seattle.

This class is part of AIA+2030, a ten-session Professional Series to help design professionals create buildings that meet the energy efficiency goals of the 2030 Challenge.Learn more and Register for the series.

Session V: Aggressively passive: employing passive systems for load reduction
Properly designed, a building captures existing resources such as light, wind, and heat/cool to provide for the comfort and needs of occupants. Passive systems work in concert to allow the building to manage energy demand by design. This session will build on the concepts introduced in Sessions 3 and 4 to flesh out a holistic strategy to designing passive systems.

Upon completion of this session, attendees will be able to:
– Define passive systems and identify specific elements of a passive design
– Appraise the effectiveness of various passive strategies based on a site’s available resources
– Determine which of a suite of strategies will be most likely to be successful on a particular site

When: May 25, 2012

Where:  Bertha Knight Landes Room at Seattle City Hall 600 4th Ave, Seattle

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