5 Bathroom Design Trends That Won’t Go Out of Style

These five bathroom remodels feature lasting modern design trends.

Following the latest design trends is easy if all you have to do is switch out a throw pillow or change the color of an accent wall. Those types of changes are quick and can be easily updated again when the season changes or a new trend catches your eye.

When it comes to your bathroom remodel, however, it’s important to make design decisions that will last. Really into polka dots right now? It might be best to bring the pattern in through a shower curtain or bath mat rather than installing polka dot patterned tile. For changes that are a little more permanent, it’s better to stick to trends with a longer shelf life. Try one of these five bathroom design trends that won’t go out of style anytime soon:

Bathroom Design Trend #1: The Square Bathtub

Square Bathtub in Modern Bathroom Remodel

Oval tubs are a staple of most bathrooms, but that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a more boxy bathtub. Rectangular tubs are becoming increasingly more popular and give any bathroom remodel a fresh modern look. This modern bathroom remodel designed by Skylab features a sleek rectangular tub with an amazing view.

Bathroom Design Trend #2: Bathtub as Focal Point

Floating Clawfoot Tub in Portland Bathroom Remodel

Why hide your tub behind a shower curtain? This Nob Hill bathroom remodel designed by Lynne Parker features a classic clawfoot tub as the focal point of the bathroom.

Bathroom Trend #3: Water Conservation Updates

Tiny Bathroom Remodel

It’s always a good idea to make water conservation updates to bathrooms. In this tiny bath remodel, Hammer & Hand turned a closet into an aging-in-place bathroom complete with a Caroma toilet cistern with integrated sink. If you’d rather keep your closets, but still want to have a more eco-friendly bathroom, you can always just update the space with a high efficiency toilet or a low-flow shower head.

Bathroom Trend #4: Built-in Shelves & Ledges

Spa Bathroom with Ledge

Two things that never go out of style: relaxation and plenty of shelf space. Built-in shelves and ledges are perfect for offering storage space for shampoo bottles, soap, loofahs, and more. This soaking tub has a ledge that adds to the spa-like feel of the bathroom by offering a spot for candles and aromatherapy while soaking.

Bathroom Trend #5: Brighter is Better

Bright White Bathroom Remodel

When it comes to color, bathrooms with primarily white color schemes never go out of style. This bathroom, designed by Kevin Fischer of Alice Design and Charlotte Cooney of Domestic Arts, with its white paint, white marble, and small amount of black as an accent color, feels bright, open, and clean.

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